Match with micro-influencers who value your product as payment & get authentic UGC in return.

So, get back your time & leave your credit card behind!

Have creators come to you, based on your brand's audience!

Our mission is rooted in efficiency, authenticity, and a commitment to empower brands and influencers alike. With Matchfluence, we invite you to experience a platform where connections are meaningful, campaigns are genuine, and your time is well spent.

What's a gifted campaign/collab?

When a brand gives products or services to an influencer for
free. In return, the influencer creates content about it and shares it on their social media. So wrapping paper isn't mandatory!

Why focus on gifted campaigns & micro-influencers?


(full usage rights always!)

You get authentic user generated content which you can reuse for your Ads, website or get further organic growth by reposting on your own social media!


Create engagement for your brand from your collaborators social media audience as well as your own creating a ripple effect of brand visibility. Not to mention, UGC is great for paid ads!


We all know we do our best work when we're passionate about what we're doing and it’s the same with content creation! Work with creators that have a genuine interest in your brand and value your product for what it is!

Social proof!!!

(the main result)

Reassure those who google your brand that your products are loved and highly rated from the opinion of others such as creators & micro influencers.

Who cares about social proof?

Search engines


Whether it be google or instagram, search engine’s rank you higher when there’s others talking about you.



Grab the attention of journalists! If they see others talking about you, they’ll see a story to be told, make sure it’s a positive one!



If you’re a B2C Brand, Investors want to see that your product is gaining traction online and people are talking positively about it, the more collaborations you do the easier it will be to negotiate favourable terms!



Depending on the product most people research before they buy, especially when it’s online, reassure people you’re legit by having others show off your product and vouch for you.

Ok ok, so why Matchfluence?

We will save you some serious time and money! Heres now,
Pre vetted

Forget dealing with social media accounts with fake followers wasting your time and money. We have an approval process for everyone that wants to signup, allowing you to get straight to business.

Pre negotiated

Forget having to negotiate with influencers for gifted campaigns as opposed to paid campaigns with crazy high price tags! Instead be in a community where gifted campaign terms are pre agreed by everyone!

Expanding community

Our community is in the tens of thousands worldwide with a focus on the UK and USA, unlike a contact list we’re a community with signed-up committed users.

Filter to a T

Filter by country, following, interests, type of content and many other data points you have the option of using, or save your match preferences, sit back with autopilot mode and get alerts!

Run on Autopilot

Forget sending out endless messages to influencers only for messages to go unseen, instead have them come to you on autopilot, knowing exactly what you need from your brand profile & campaign listings!

Gift focused

Our community have one common understanding, all collaborations on the platform are gifted, so skip the negotiation talk and get straight to the collaboration!

Human touch

We don’t let our platform become a loose cannon, the human touch is always needed, we closely monitor the success of campaigns and we are there to steer them in the right direction, be it finding the right influencer, brand or anything that needs the human touch.

No limits

Unlimited collaborations, messages and so on. No contracts, no funny business, the only limit is the fixed monthly price!

Book a Demo!

Lets have a call to learn more about your brand, your marketing goals and to see if we can help you get there with our platform!


We have three plans, each with different levels of automation managed by us.

Done for you


  • limited use
  • 24/7 support (live chat & call)
  • alerts
  • analytics
  • profiles
  • filter
  • requests
  • social links
  • match
  • message
  • ratings
  • favourite


£99/mo (no credit card for trial)

  • Done for you +
  • unlimited use
  • monthly reports
  • priority ranked
  • we will:
  • consult with you,
  • find ideal creators,
  • do creator outreach,
  • manage requests,
  • manage messages,
  • 4 collaborations p/m minimum guarantee!

Fully Managed


  • Concierge +
  • shipping management
  • marketing strategy
  • review & repost UGC

Frequently asked questions

Can I contact creators outside the platform?
Yes, we're not gatekeepers!
What’s guaranteed and what isn’t?
Access to our platform is but not results, however we will help you every step of the way to make sure we accelerate your brand presence!
Can I offer cash aswell as a gift?
Sure, you can pay them direct.
How do you define a micro influencer?
Creators with good engagement & a minimum of 1K followers is required by us. 
What if the creator ghosts after we send them the product?
We cannot compensate any losses unfortunately but we will help you find out whats going on and potentially remove the user for wrongdoing.    
Are there any limits on usage?
Nope, unlimited use!
How many creators are signed up?
Our community is in the thousand's and growing every day, primarily in the UK & USA. 
Why do you refer to micro-influencers as creators sometimes?

Just because its shorter to say, we're still referring to the same user type, aka, micro-influencers!

Who manages the shipping?
We can, with our "fully managed" plan. 
What kind of UGC can I get?
Any and all, its whatever you and your collaborator agree to, whether it be videos, photos, articles & more. 
Still got questions?
Ask us on livechat in the bottom right or book a demo/call with us at the top of the page!

Contact us
6 St Georges Circus, SE16FE, London, United Kingdom.