Match with small brands & get products you want!

Grow as a creator & get personalised collab recommendations!

Get personalised alerts for brand collaborations you care about!

Our mission is rooted in efficiency, authenticity, and a commitment to empower brands and influencers alike. With Matchfluence, we invite you to experience a platform where connections are meaningful, campaigns are genuine, and your time is well spent.

Our focus

We as a platform find gifted collaborations for small brands and micro-influencers. Allowing creators ownership to products they love all while creating authentic user-generated-content for small brands at the same time!

Why gifted collaborations?

Grow as a creator seamlessly!

We take away all the headache of reaching out to countless brands, only for messages to go unread, instead join a community of small brands wanting to grow & collaborate with  creators that have an genuine interest or need for the product.  

Get products you love!

With our platform you can filter to a T once, save it and get alerts of brands that are a match! I know right, sooo much time saved!


How do we define a gifted campaign/collab?

When a brand gives products or services to an influencer for
free. In return, the influencer creates content about it and shares it on their social media. 

Contact us

instagram @matchfluence_
6 St Georges Circus, SE16FE, London, United Kingdom.